April 1, 2014


With a little over five weeks to go until Graham's due date, the nursery is finally painted! Seems like with Cayden, as soon as we found out we were having a boy, the nursery was done. And with Sawyer, I think we still had at least two months to go. But with Graham, well, we're just getting it done. Slowly.

But the biggest obstacle is now out of the way – painting the room! Every single surface in this room was painted. Walls, ceiling, trim and doors. My husband and daddy were so awesome to take one of their Fridays and do all of this for us. The outcome? Love!

All the trim in our house is an off-white color. And never has that become more evident when the walls were painted bright white. The trim work seriously looked yellow! As we repaint rooms, we're slowly repainting all the trim to be a crisp, bright white. My dad suggested that we try Sherwin Williams Pro Classic on the trim in this room, and we were not disappointed at all. It's also what we used on the doors, tinted to Unusual Gray. We'll slowly be converting all of our interior doors to this color as well; it's beautiful and just adds a little extra flare to the room. And if you're at all curious as to the ceiling color, it's Spa Blue (also by Sherwin Williams).

And look at those light plate switches! Neat, right? Since all the trim in the house was off-white, so are all the switches and outlets. Since we needed to replace those with white, we decided to get these fun flippers instead of the standard switch. The boys are in love with them and love the click sound they make. I love how streamlined they look. They were uber-easy to change out (says the lady who had nothing to do with it). Just please make sure you turn off the power to the room you're working on!

With the room empty, I was able to get in there and give the carpet a good shampooing. Next up? Furniture assembly!

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