April 8, 2014



Well, look at that! Furniture in the nursery! Graham will have a place to sleep after all. We had some spare time this past Sunday, so I begged Jeremy to help put the furniture together. It's from Ikea, so I organized hardware and managed the directions while Jeremy put most of it together by himself. I usually very much enjoy assembling furniture, but was happy to hand over the reins at 35 weeks pregnant. Crawling around was the last thing I wanted to do, but at the same time, sitting still and handing out hardware wasn't all that comfortable either. But, it's all put together and looks fabulous sitting against the freshly painted walls.

I suppose that I need to get my hiney upstairs to the sewing machine next. Quite a few textiles to be made: crib sheets, curtains, changing pad cover and a quilt. Also, there is currently nothing in the drawers of that dresser. Time to pull out some tiny clothes and get to washing!

And then there's that small issue of wires hanging from the ceiling. No worries, we have plans for that too!

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