April 16, 2014

crib sheets.


Perhaps I should've broken out the iron on these before taking the photos? Eh, I think it'll be fine. A few wrinkles most likely won't bother Graham. Jeremy and I put the sheets on the mattress this morning and were thrilled with both options. There's something so peaceful about the white sheet with gray triangles. And there's something about the charcoal sheet with white plus signs. Both simple, but give the room an entirely different look just by changing them out.

This was the first time I had ordered fabric from Spoonflower, and while it was a little bit pricier than I would normally spend, I'm really happy with what I ended up with. And I mean, since Graham can't really tell me if he likes his nursery or not, I suppose that's all that really matters. Tonight? The curtain rod gets hung so I can determine how long the drapes need to be. Expect a punch of color there!

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