April 14, 2014


Cayden & Sawyer: Enjoying their REAL picnic in the back yard 

Yesterday was beautiful. On the way to church, I casually mentioned to the boys that we should put our quilt out in the back yard and eat lunch on it. We generally "picnic" inside with the quilt while watching a movie on a Friday night. Anyway, Cayden got really excited and exclaimed, "Like a real picnic?" Yeah buddy, like a real picnic. Cayden thought that was a "great" idea and kept talking about it at church.

So we got home, made some peanut butter and jellies and picnic'd the afternoon out of our Sunday. With the playset in the back yard, we had built in entertainment AND we were able to let them get their sillies out and rest a little bit afterward.

We woke up to rain this morning. With possible flooding again. At this point, we're really appreciating that sunshine that we got to enjoy yesterday, and hoping that it comes back to play sometime soon. Really soon.

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