March 13, 2014

a rare thing these days.


This one taking a nap is totally a rare thing these days. He wasn't feeling so hot over the weekend – just a little cold that popped up and disappeared almost as quickly as it arrived. Jeremy had taken the boys to a Jeep get-together and on the ride home, both of our little ones passed out. Sawyer did not make the transfer and was ready to play once he got home, but Cayden, once placed on the couch, stayed asleep for another 30-45 minutes. It's not a sight we see very often anymore, and he just looked so peaceful that I had to snap a quick shot. He's no longer a baby (we pre-register him for kinder next week!), but seeing him still so attached to his puppy and blanket gives us small glimpses of how little he still is. These little moments make all the wild – and sometimes out-of-control – ones all worth it.

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