February 13, 2014

sometimes you just need a donut.


Or rather, maybe some days this mama wakes up and is craving a donut. Same difference, right? On Sunday morning, Sawyer woke up with a pretty terrible cough and a slight fever. We decided the nursery at church was not the place for him to be that morning and there was no way our loquacious two year old would be quiet during service. Jeremy went on to church, and the boys and I went on an adventure.

Our adventure turned out to be a surprise trip to Dunkin and a trip to Target for some medicine for the little one. If you haven't been to Dunkin recently, I urge you to go and try the brownie batter donut. It is pure deliciousness! And it's shaped in a heart! (There was also a cookie batter donut, but I wasn't quite sure that would hit the spot, but I'm sure it's equally as good.)

The boys were very surprised and happy that they got to pick out their very own donut. (Of which Sawyer picked exactly what Cayden was having. No longer a surprise. Little dude loves his big brother like woah.) Cayden proceeded to eat his donut, half of another one and then part of my brownie batter one. I think we'll start saving for food now for when they're high schoolers. Sheesh.

And now I'd like another brownie batter donut please.

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