February 18, 2014

on choosing your child's name.

Picking a name for your child has to be one of the most exciting, yet anxiety-ridden choices parents get to make for their children. Will the name be dumb when they get older? Can it easily be made fun of? What does it mean to you?

For Cayden, I think I read the name somewhere and really liked it. I believe it was spelled Caden the first time I saw it. We added the "y" because we're dorks and we really liked how the descender of the "y" looked. His middle name is Samuel; chosen after my paternal grandfather who holds a very dear and special place in my heart.

For Sawyer, well, if any of you are LOST fans out there, you can take a wild guess as to where that one came from. It's also a pretty cool name. He does get called "nugget" about the same amount as he gets called by his proper name and has recently taken to telling me, "I not nugget! I Sawyer!" So we'll see how much longer that nickname lasts for him. Sawyer's middle name is Wray; chosen after my great uncle who officiated our marriage and who sometimes feels quite grandfatherly to me as well.

With baby boy number three, we knew the middle name would be a family name as that just seems to be the way we're rolling. The first name took us a little while to settle on as there were several options that we really liked. And to add extra pressure to ourselves, we decided that the name had to be six letters long – just like Cayden and Sawyer's. So, without further ado, our third son's name will be:


Yep, Graham. Sigh. Isn't it such a lovely name? So perfect for a little boy, but also so perfect for a grown man. We dug back into the family tree just a bit to get his middle name. It will be Isaac, named after Jeremy's great-great-great-grandfather Izik. We wanted to use the more traditional spelling though. And Isaac also just happens to mean laughter/to laugh. And after our miscarriage last year, we thought that was oh-so-appropriate and joyful to our hearts.

So we'll have Cayden, Sawyer and Graham. All similar, but different. And we can't wait to meet our sweet Graham. But in like 11 weeks, please and thank you.


Joanna said...

LOVE that name! So cute! They all go really well together too. Also, what font is that on the shirts?

becca @ sewLOVED said...

Thanks Joanna! And I ordered the shirts from Etsy... if I figure out the font (because I want to know too), I'll let you know!

Traci Morris Silloway said...

WHERE have I been?! Apparently under a gigantic rock! I had no idea you were expecting!!! How wonderful! Congrats to you J and the boys!!!!

becca @ sewLOVED said...

Haha, get out from under that rock, woman! Yep, third little boy due May 10. Thanks Traci!

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