February 26, 2014

graham's nursery inspiration board.

Can I get real with you for just a moment? We have grand plans for the nursery. Peaceful. Serene. Calm. Lots of contrasting for our sweet Graham. But honestly? This is currently what we're dealing with:


Can someone pretty please come clean this mess out? We rearranged the boys' room about a month ago and STILL haven't moved all of their toys back in. They're currently sitting in those orange bins. There is good reason for this: We want to reorganize how we store their toys and are thinking we need a small toy box for their room, while moving a vast majority of their toys to our family room since that's where we spend most of our time. Speaking of time, we just haven't taken the time to make this happen. If we want to even think about getting the nursery done, this is one of those things that needs to happen first.

A lot of the mess in the room is still where we redid the boys' bathroom. And now I'm realizing I never shared that project either. (Notes to self: Write up a post on the bathroom while we clean the mess that is the nursery.)

Anyway, so it's a mess. But, BUT, we do have plans. Big ones. And they're going to look a little something like this:


A rundown of what we're planning:
1. Crib: We thought giving the third baby something new of his own would be nice
2. Ceiling light: We have a fan in there, but I hate it with a passion. This would streamline that look.
3. Wall/ceiling color: White walls, people. With a light blue ceiling for interest.
4. Rocker: We still love this rocker that we got for Sawyer's nursery, so we'll be using it here too.
5. Dresser/changing table: Lots of storage space. Because babies have ALL THE THINGS.
6. Basket: For small toy storage. Or something like that.
7. Fabrics: The blue for curtains. I think. The other two are fabrics I ordered for crib sheets!
8. Lovey: Where we will order at least two, if not three of these.
9. Ugly Doll: Because Cayden & Sawyer have one. And Graham will need one too. Duh.

There are other plans like a driftwood mobile above the crib. And I'd love to ad crown molding to the room (surprise, Jeremy!). And obviously a lot of painting still needs to be done. But we'll get there, right? Hold me.

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