February 20, 2014

build a bear.


This was our second trip to Build-A-Bear, and we've loved the experience both times. The boys' Granna and Poppa love to gift them with gift cards to the store, and we love getting to take the boys and watch them pick out their very own animals, and sometimes clothes. This last time, we noticed that a birthday party was starting. Having no idea how those work, we just squeezed our way past them, urged the boys to pick out their animals quickly and hopped in line super fast.

We ended up with "Spider Bear" the um, spider bear and "Egg" the dinosaur. Creative kids, I tell ya.

(Also, their trip to the mall ended on a fun note getting to check out the Lego Store. And I'll admit, I got a little dreamy-eyed over some of the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings sets. Dork for-ev-ah.)

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