February 7, 2014


a photo of our kiddos once a week for a year

Cayden & Sawyer: Finally getting to enjoy some real snow for the first time in their short lives.

It's been a crazy week. Totally wanted to upload these photos earlier this week, but kept forgetting the camera. And then when I remembered? The camera battery was dead. So dead it wouldn't even turn on. Finally, success! Our snow day(s) was pure torture at the beginning. It took us almost four hours to drive the usual 15 minute drive home. Thankfully, Jeremy and I were together and the boys were at my mom's. So everyone was safe. My sister had to spend the night at her office, my brother-in-law had to abandon his car on the side of the road and my dad spent 16 hours on the interstate to get home when it usually only takes him one. To say that it was a weird, weird day, would be a complete understatement. But once we got home and were able to enjoy the white stuff with our boys? It was awesome.

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