May 30, 2013

at-home vacations.

Memorial Day weekend at the pool

We try to take a vacation every year. And we usually always try to take the boys with us. It's important to us that they get to experience travelling (even if it is just to Florida for the most part). I do imagine there will come a day when we will take a vacation by ourselves (10 year anniversary, what?), but for now, we want our littles right there with us.

This year we decided to use our usual vacation money to pay off some other things. By paying some of those things off, it opened up a small amount in our monthly budget to finally join our local YMCA. Jeremy and I have enjoyed dropping the boys off at their Nana's in the morning and then hitting up the gym for about an hour before we go to work. I've even been doing weights and machines along with cardio. It's most definitely helped to have Jeremy by my side as I'm literally clueless when it comes to those things. Also? Bench pressing. I can just press the bar, but I figure that's better than nothing, right?

But one of the biggest factors in joining? Having access to their pool all summer! We went for the first time this past weekend and it was lovely. We live in a smaller area, but with it being the long holiday weekend, I thought for sure the pool would be packed. Um, it wasn't. It was great. Cayden loved the pool. Sawyer? Well, he was a little less pleased with the whole water part of it. But we had a good time. Definitely looking forward to spending many more days out there and adding some more freckles to my pasty-white legs.

(Also, can I just point out that Sawyer is still wearing his 12 month swim shorts. He's two in a month. Nugget for sure.)

May 28, 2013

diaper clutches. now with matching changing pads.


Yes, that's right! I took an item in the shop that I already loved and thought about how I could improve it. I loved the design of the clutch and knew I didn't want to change that, so I added something. A coordinating changing pad! And it folds up so nicely inside the diaper clutch too. Good stuff I tell you! Now the diaper clutch is really a little bag you can leave the house with and change baby anywhere without worrying about where sweet baby's bum will be resting..

The new changing pad addition features the same soft cotton on one side and PUL on the flip side. It's easily wipeable and should make changing a breeze. And when it needs a deep cleaning, just throw it in the wash on cold and line dry it.

There are currently four clutches listed in the shop. They are all bright and fun. I think I'd like one of each!

May 24, 2013

in the summertime.

When we picked the boys up yesterday afternoon, it was obvious that they hadn't had any outside playtime. Wound. Up. And even those words? Don't quite do it justice. It was quickly determined that they needed some outside time while dinner was cooking. And since it was beautiful yesterday, Jeremy thought they might enjoy running through the sprinkler. They didn't quite get it at first, but quickly discovered the joy of running through the water. And the laughter... Oh, the laughter was out of control. And completely awesome.

May 23, 2013

fitted crib sheets.


Remember how once upon a time I promised a shop update? Yeah, I almost forgot too. Things got a little busy around the house. And then someone had to have a birthday. And two someone's needed costumes and photos taken for their upcoming party. And well, you know, life.

But I wouldn't have this little life any other way! When I get around to listing new items in the shop, I promise to share. And sharing is what I'm doing right now. Crib sheets! In my little Etsy shop! There are currently seven different prints to choose from. Making crib sheets is something I've done for both of my boys, so I'm not entirely sure why it took me so long to make some for the shop. There are choices that will work for boys and girls. Some of them actually work for both.

And now I'm kind of wishing I had a nursery to design because these prints are completely drool-worthy...

May 22, 2013

cayden turns four. in photos. & a short video.


And that short video. Cayden is enjoying his corndog and giving us a little show. I think my child likes country music. I'm not sure what to do with this new little tidbit of knowledge. Ha!

May 20, 2013

happy fourth birthday.


Oh, Cayden... Today you turn four. Four years old! It's gone so quickly and so slowly all at once. I can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. But when I actually think back to that day, it seems like ages ago. Your daddy and I were so excited to meet you and to become a little family of three. And you've been such a blessing to us that I don't even think I could put into words how we feel about you.

A lot has changed in these four years. You've celebrated many holidays. You've even moved houses. And you became a big brother. A wonderful big brother.

You are full of energy. And a little bit of sass. Ok, maybe a lot of sass. The only time you sit still is to sleep. And maybe to watch a movie. You're curious. And loud. And full of the best laughter. You are fearless. Until it comes to bugs. And then, you kind of scream like a little girl. But that's ok! At the moment, your biggest fear is monsters in your room at night. But you're learning to trust in God and say a prayer for him to take the scary thoughts away. You're relentless when it comes to asking questions. And I wish I could say that's a trait that's completely your own, but I have to let you know that your mama is a curious one and perhaps asks too many questions too. You've decided that you want to grow your hair out. It may be hot this summer, but hey, if that's what you want to do, we'll give it a go.

We'll celebrate with a birthday party in a couple of weeks. But tonight? Tonight you've requested corn dogs and ice cream (thank you Dairy Queen for providing both in one place!). We'll go sit outside and enjoy our dinner. And there might even be a couple of presents waiting for you too.

Happy birthday big boy! We love you...

May 17, 2013


The other evening at dinner, Sawyer impressed me by being able to force himself to burp. Which made me also realize that this MUST be something that is just ingrained in boys. I mean, he's not quite two and has already figured out how to burp on command. Boys...

But anyway, he was so absolutely adorable doing this the other evening. He'd take a drink of milk, force himself to burp, give this coy look and then say, "Hiccups?" Of course, when I grabbed my camera he decided to change the game, but you still get one cute, "Hiccups" and an even cuter, "Smuse me."

And no worries. No one ate Cayden's bacon. Except for Cayden himself. We're serious about bacon around here. Mmmm... bacon.

(Oh, and the slicked back hair? We did before dinner baths. Which I maybe would not suggest before giving a toddler a biscuit with jelly on it. Live and learn, right?)

May 13, 2013

yo ho, let's go!


Cayden requested that his and Sawyer's joint birthday party be all about Jake and the Never Land Pirates this year. And this mama is happy to oblige. And very happy to create costumes for our littles to feature on their invitation... and to wear day of the upcoming party. I think Cayden would probably have slept in his Jake get-up last night if I had let him! I'd say that's a good sign that this mama did okay with making him look like Jake.

I did have to bribe the boys with candy to get the perfect shot for their invite. Which was both a brilliant and stupid idea all the same. Brilliant because I could get Sawyer to look at the camera, say "CHEESE!!!" And he'd then walk away immediately asking for more. Stupid idea because, duh, kids on a sugar high are almost impossible to get to stand still for a photo. It was a learning experience. But overall a fun time.

These are just a few of the photos from the shoot with Jake and Cubby. I was going to let both boys be Jake, but Cayden put a stop to that real quick-like. And you know what? That's cool. I think both boys looks ridiculously cute... even if Sawyer's vest/shirt are a little too big. Gives it character, right? Ha! Looking forward to getting their invitations completed and then moving on to party-planning mode...

May 9, 2013

superheroes in the house


Last year for Cayden's birthday party, I made capes and masks for all his friends. He has played with his so many times that I've lost count. I think my favorite memory is still the day of his party and he wanted to wear it into Target. Part of me wondered if a three year old wearing a mask into a retail store was a good idea, and then the other part reminded myself that I'm ridiculous. He had so much fun running around Target that day as a superhero. And Jeremy and I had fun watching him.

As Sawyer has gotten older, I kept telling him that I would make him a cape just like his brother's. And I kept forgetting. When I was in our closet last night, I found an extra cape and mask. I tried and tried to put it on him this morning so that he could "fly" around. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with the cape or the mask... until he saw Cayden put his on. Oh, the brother love is strong in this house. Sawyer still wasn't sure about the mask. And really? I'm ok with that. The mask pushed up on his little forehead is just about as adorable as older brother wearing his.

They flew off to their nana's house today wearing their superhero gear. I'm sure they're helping save her from the all the bad things today. And looking uber-cute while doing so.

May 6, 2013



Trying to get both boys to look at the camera for a project I was working on was, um, interesting. Series of progression... With full-on cheese accomplished in the end – well, at least from one of them. But hey! They're both looking at the camera, right? I also love how Cayden has his thumb tucked into Sawyer's shirt. It's the silly little things people...

Anyway, the process was kind of reminiscent of two (much) smaller boys and Christmas cards a couple of years back. These two... Y'all, they are going to have the best relationship as they grow up. Don't get me wrong, they already have plenty of arguments... But when they play together and enjoy each other? It's full of the awesome.
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