December 27, 2013

just a little reveal.

While Christmas photos and videos are being edited, I thought I would just share with everyone what Jeremy and I found out this past Monday. And then shared with the boys on Christmas Eve. Aw yeah, things are about to get crazy. Ha!

December 13, 2013

santa 2013


I thought there was only supposed to be one year that your child completely freaks out at Santa. And looking back at last year's photo, we definitely earned that one last year with Sawyer. But apparently Sawyer had another idea and has totally bucked the trend and given us two years of screaming with Santa. Oh, poor Santa. And poor Sawyer. The photographer asked us if we were ok with a crying photo. All I could think was, "Do other parents say no? And make their child sit there until they stop crying?" Of course we're ok with a crying photo. We'll treasure it just like all the other ones – crying or not.

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December 9, 2013

it's that time of year again.

We took a random drive by our favorite Christmas light house from last year on Saturday evening and were not disappointed. Both of the boys were very into the fun this year, so I can't wait to actually take them looking at all the Christmas lights soon. I'm sure starting with this house was a mistake though. I can already hear them asking about why all the other houses don't dance to the music. Guess we'll just have to wrap up that night with another stop by this house!
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