November 15, 2013

littlest helper.


The boys bathroom makeover finally got underway a week or so ago (ok, maybe two weeks ago). Jeremy is slowly getting everything done, and he's rockin' it for sure. I haven't been feeling all that well, so I'm not much help. Usually I love getting my hands dirty on home projects, but this time around? I'm a lazy bum who manages things from the sideline.

Either way, it's coming along and looking really, really good. The floors we picked out are perfect; I'll be sure to share lots of photos when things wrap up this next week. The boys have both been really interested in helping out, so we've let them help paint in places that won't be too obvious once all the doors are put back. They have loved it... The day we tore out the existing floor though? Cayden walked in, gasped and said, "What did you do to my floor?" He was genuinely upset. Now? Not so much. He's loving the progress and asks Jeremy every single day if he's done yet. Hoping to wrap things up this weekend/early next week and get some final photos put together. Yay!

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