November 7, 2013



If you guys live near a Bojangles, trust me, you're gonna want to read on! I was emailed and asked if I'd like to receive a gift card to head on over to Bojangles to try out some yummy chicken. Um, hello? Of course! So we went and ate some chicken...

Bojangles is currently promoting their Tailgate Everything website. It's this cool site that tells you how to Tailgate basically any and every thing. Also? Did you know that Bojangles has a recipe website? Yep, I'm for serious. A whole site dedicated to things you can do with the chicken you pick up from Bojangles. Me? I like to keep things simple and classic. Jeremy likes to change things up though. His "recipe"? Pull the chicken off the bones and put it on a good buttery biscuit. Good stuff, y'all.

And hey! Good news? If you live close to a Bojangles and would like to try out some chicken for free, then it's your lucky day! I have a $15 Bojangles gift card with your name on it. Just enter the easy giveaway below!

I was chosen to receive these gift cards free of charge. The opinions are my own. And my opinion? I think I'll be going to Bojangles for lunch again to day. It's just that good! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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