October 23, 2013

pumpkin patch 2013.


The third weekend of October seems to be OUR weekend for hitting up the pumpkin patch. And this year was no different. While the outlook for the weather was looking a little less than stellar, the afternoon ended up being absolutely beautiful. And, as opposed to wearing shorts and a tank top like last year, we were actually able to dress a little more fall appropriate.

The boys picked out two rather large pumpkins. And I suppose since they couldn't carry them, that would explain the lack of photos from the actual picking of pumpkins moment. Mama and daddy were too busy huffing and puffing to get the pumpkins back to the tractor.

And what would a patch-outting be without bouncy houses? Cayden specifically asked if he could jump before we even got there. I'm pleased to announce that BOTH boys jumped this year. Sawyer has finally gotten over his fear of bounce houses. It still takes a little persuasion for him to get in one, but once he does? He's good for days. Cayden also braved the tall slides; I think we have his older cousin to thank for that bravery.

When we got back to the house, we had a big 'ol pumpkin carving party. Then grilled hotdogs, watched some really great SEC football and then roasted smores. It was a full day. And I think we all went to bed Saturday night with full hearts.

(Always fun: 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009. More photos over on Facebook.)

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