October 2, 2013

cayden's first soccer game.


It was technically the third week of games, but their first game was cancelled due to scheduling conflicts, their second cancelled due to stormy weather. But their third game? Their third game was glorious. The day was beautiful and the game was early before it got too hot (which still didn't stop this silly fair-skinned girl from getting sun burned on one half of her body).

If I told you that Cayden was a natural at soccer, I wouldn't entirely be lying. Truth is, he's awesome when it's just him and his ball. Tell him to kick, dribble, kick, shoot–and he does. But y'all, get this boy in a game and it's just pure entertainment! I don't know if he's afraid to get in the middle of it, but he'll literally swing WIDE around everyone else. He's still running. And he's still kind of generally following the direction of the ball. But get close to kicking it? He does not.

We actually had one of their makeup games last night. And after witnessing the "orbiting" (as Pop calls it), Jeremy walked over, bribed Cayden with a cookie if he'd just please kick the ball and amazingly enough, he got in there, kicked the ball once and proclaimed "Cookie!" And then pretty much back to orbiting. Like I said, so not short on entertainment... but as a parent who might get a little competitive, I really just want him to get in there and really kick the poop outta that ball. Maybe by the final game? Here's hoping.

(Oh, and P.S., near the end of the game, Sawyer got in my face and seriously said, "Take piture mommy." And well, I couldn't resist. Crooked smile and all.)

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