October 21, 2013

a little pumpkin carving.


Going to the pumpkin patch and picking out the perfect pumpkin has become a yearly thing for us. Last year, Cayden picked out a pumpkin that wasn't quite large enough to carve, but this year, the boy's picked two beasts out.

And then the pumpkin carving party began. We had tons of options to choose from thanks to our Pumpkin Masters Kits. Cayden had to flip through all of the books before he decided on a spooky ghost. And while we don't necessarily condone the use of knives for four year olds, Cayden really, really wanted to help cut his shape out. We let him try it for a few seconds, but mostly he just supervised me cutting out his pumpkin. Which was fine by me because again, four year olds and sharp pointy objects...

Sawyer was mostly interested in helping to scoop out the guts. And y'all, to me that is the absolute worst part, so by all means child, jump in and scoop those guts out. I think he thought the insides were funny?

Either way, picking out our template was easy enough. And after tracing it onto the pumpkin, it really was as easy as playing connect the dots. The ghost cut out pretty easily (except for one small part where I ripped his tail off; Cayden assured me it was ok) and the effect with the light on is pretty cool. Cayden confidently let us know that the light was his favorite part. Pumpkin Masters sent strobe lights for inside. I have to admit that I'd never thought about using a strobe in there, but it was downright awesome.

Well, here, you guys see for yourself the fun we had!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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