September 19, 2013

taco melts.


Sometimes getting dinner ready on time is an adventure in our house. Especially now that Cayden has soccer practice twice a week at 6. That doesn't really give us enough time to eat before (and I mean, do I really want my four year old running around at soccer with a full belly?). So we need something quick for after.

These taco melts (while not the prettiest thing I've ever made), certainly help when in a time crunch. Add in the fact that you use Pillsbury Grands Biscuits, and it's even faster! I'm talking 30 minutes from start to finish. Another bonus? The boys like them. With sometimes picky eaters, trying a new recipe can be a huge fail. But thankfully, they both love biscuits, so that made this a huge success!

We don't eat a lot of red meat in our house, so I was easily able to adapt this recipe to use a veggie crumble in place of the beef. I was also out of salsa, and while I think I would have loved it in the melts, those little picky eaters of mine might have objected to chunks of tomato in theirs. And maybe I'm not the most talented in the kitchen, but you can see from the photos above that there is no way I could keep my biscuits mashed together. I also had a ton of meat leftover...

So while they're not the prettiest, I did decide that next time the boys could help me make these. I'm sure they'd love squishing out the biscuits into big circles. And getting to choose how much cheese went into each melt? They'd be in heaven for sure.

Do you need some fast recipes for those crazy nights? Check out this Pillsbury recipe booklet with tons of new ideas for you to try. Let me know what your favorite is!

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