August 2, 2013

soccer evaluations.


We let Cayden play soccer last fall. Well, I wouldn't necessarily call it soccer. There was practice once a week for about eight weeks and then one game at the end of the "season" where three and four year olds ran around kind of chasing a ball. It was equal parts hilarious and adorable.

I was disappointed when we got the email about spring soccer and Cayden wouldn't make the birthday cut-off. So when fall soccer registration emails started going out, you better believe we got our big boy signed up.

Last night was their evaluation. Basically all the coaches come out and watch all the littles and their mad soccer skills. And then somehow the coaches try to disperse all the kids to teams so that one team won't be magically more advanced than another team. Or, you know, you find one of Cayden's old classmates whose dad happens to be helping out and all of a sudden, you're on a team before teams have even been created. Yay! But it's all good because Cayden will at least know one of his teammates and I'm hoping that will keep his four year old self interested in going to practice (twice a week!) and games (once a week!).

Either way, Cayden had a blast last night and I'm thrilled that he enjoyed himself. A side note about his hair: It looks adorable in these photos. And now Cayden's saying that he wants to cut it short again. I'm a little torn. I mean, it IS his hair and he should be able to do what he wants, but wouldn't it look so cute on the soccer field blowing around long? Also, some of these shots... hello, eight year old!


Joanna said...

His hair IS fabulous.

becca @ sewLOVED said...

Maybe I could convince him to keep it long during the season and chop it at season's end? Ha!

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