August 29, 2013



We were blessed to be able to travel east (way east) this past weekend to Wadley, Alabama. When were told it was in the middle of nowhere, that was more correct than it could be. The drive over was absolutely beautiful. Rolling hills, small towns, vast areas of nothing more than trees... And when we arrived at our destination? So worth the two hour drive.

Why would we drive two hours east randomly on a Saturday in August? To visit our friends Tom and Jennifer of course! We were invited to Jennifer's parents house for the afternoon, and we're so glad we took the time to go. The house was completely breathtaking. A cabin with a full 360ยบ porch with swings, hammocks and rocking chairs everywhere you looked. A fabulous chicken coop in the back yard; the boys even got to gather fresh eggs! (And now they want their own chickens. We might have to see what can be done about that.)

After exploring the house area for a bit, Jennifer took us on a jeep ride through some of the other property. Y'all, we were so far out that all you could hear were bugs and one of the two creeks that run through their property. The boys were thrilled to walk through the creek barefoot. And all of the rocks! Sawyer was in rock heaven.

When we came out the other side of the creek, there was a huge pecan tree with two tree swings. Sawyer wasn't having any of the swing action, but Cayden? Oh, Cayden was in swing heaven! Once he mastered how to hold on and sit on the seat properly, he was laughing and squealing with delight.

After a bit more exploring, we set out for dinner and Jon Boy's Smoke House in Roanoke. I'd say this was probably the most authentic southern roadhouse I've ever been to. Small town atmosphere where our waitress knew our hosts (down to what they ate and drank). It was covered in old garage signs and posters, with small antiques tucked away here and there.

Overall, we were so glad to make the trek there and back. The scenery was perfect, and the day away from the social media world was very welcome. It didn't hurt that we got to hang out with two of the coolest people we know on top of it all.


mandie said...

So pretty! That bbq sounds yummy!! And yes to chickens! They're so fun!

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for making the trek to visit us! We loved meeting the boys and getting to hang out for a little bit. My parents are stuck with the names Farmer Girl and Mustache Man, by the way. Hope to see you all again soon!

kellyhicks said...

Ah fun! Doing what boys do best! I hope I can do things like this with Jack someday!

becca @ sewLOVED said...

Haha! We really did have a great time; the boys continued to talk about their "venture" into Sunday...

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