August 23, 2013

loveless & rockets.


With the majority of my family being in Tennessee, we travel up north several times a year. And at least one of those trips every year involved a breakfast trip to Loveless Cafe. If you've never been, you need to go. On the outskirts of Nashville, it's the perfect place to spend a lazy Saturday morning. Great food, great atmosphere, shops to browse in... Seriously, it's just good. And while we were eating, Cayden saw a photo on the table of people sticking their faces through the people cut-outs and INSISTED that we stick our faces in them too. He also strongly declared that Sawyer would be the girl. Ha! The photos make me laugh because the boys stuck their whole head through. Good stuff!

And on the way home, the Alabama/Tennessee state line boasts a rocket! We've told the boys countless times that we would stop and check out the rocket, and without fail, they would always be asleep. But this time? The were awake, so we stopped and checked things out. Cayden desperately wanted to get in the rocket, but that wasn't going to happen. It was still cool to walk up to it and look straight up. There's also a small memorial wall for Vietnam warriors; it was really beautiful.

Our trip to Tennessee was short overall, but we lived it up the best we could and had a fun little family trip. Also, in that first photo, you can see what an effort/progression it is to get all of us in a photo. We weren't exactly perfect, but we were perfectly us. And? That first photo of our boys and our two nephews? I love it. So much so that it might be printed and hung up in the house somewhere.

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