August 28, 2013

first day of 4k.


Y'all, I felt like supermom this morning! I got up, cooked pancakes for the boys, packed Cayden's lunch, took first day photos AND got out the door on time! Amazing! Until I got to work and realized that I forgot to pack myself lunch. Or any snacks. Cue sad violin.

But, BUT!, first day of 4K for Cayden! We were talking up school this morning at breakfast and he gave us the sad, "But I want to stay with Sawyer all day." Sigh. It's tough being four and your parents are making you do something out of your comfort zone. Heck, even I started getting a little misty-eyed. Since we left daycare in March to have Nana watch the boys, this is literally the first time we've left Cayden anywhere for an extended period of time in six months. And my mama heart almost got overwhelmed with that this morning.

Instead of letting that feeling encompass my thoughts, I said a little prayer and put on a bright face for my oldest. And at drop-off? You'd never know he was unhappy about going to school. He jumped down out of the car and walked into school like a big boy. I'd loved to have lingered a bit and watch him walk all the way in, but I was the first car in line at that point, so I said another little prayer for Cayden to have a good day, and drove off.

Don't you love the bag the school provides is as big as Cayden? They have three year olds that have to carry these bags too. It's adorable. Oh, and for some fun comparisons, first day of school last year.


ashley said...

So so cute! I can't believe he's already in 4K! I remember when he was a bitty baby!

becca @ sewLOVED said...

For real, right? It really does go by too quickly!

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