August 20, 2013

family reunion.


We had our yearly family reunion this past weekend. We meet in the middle of nowhere Tennessee, eat lots of food and the kids run wild. It's pretty awesome actually. It also helps that half of the people that show up actually belong to our immediate family. And since we no longer live in TN, it's always fun to catch up with everyone.

This year though? A mule-driven buggy. Seriously, I think my mouth dropped open when I saw that buggy pulling up the drive. And with cousins in charge of it, we were able to hop on and take a ride! The boys thought it was pretty cool. Jeremy tried to get Sawyer to help "drive," but in true Sawyer fashion, he wasn't having it. At all.

The boys got hot and sweaty, but had a great time. Sawyer passed out three minutes down the road. And Cayden was quiet most of the ride back to the house. I think we'll just have to do it all again next year ;-)

P.S. Sawyer says "CHEESE!" Um, with his whole body. It's ridiculous. And cute.

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