July 15, 2013

summer popsicles.


Cayden begged for Avengers popsicles when we went to the grocery store last weekend. Since he's four, and listening problems seem to be the usual for his age, we told him if he had a good week, we'd go back and get them. He was extremely worried that they wouldn't have any when we went back. He even went as far to ask the bagger boy about his beloved Avengers popsicles. The kid was maybe 15? And was completely confused, so I reassured Cayden that, "Yes! This guy will definitely make sure that a box of Avengers popsicles is saved just for you." Dude picked up on what I was saying at that point and totally went along with it. (Just one of many reasons we love our local Publix. They rock.)

So, as the photos show, Cayden had a good week and got his popsicles. They were a fun after nap treat on Saturday. Both boys threw a small fit (ok, fine, Sawyer threw a big one) about taking off their shirts, but once they realized what was going on, all was well. And yes, the colors do stain the skin for a short time. Cayden had blue drips down his belly (SPIDERMAN!) and naturally, Sawyer had green (HULK SMASH!).

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