July 18, 2013

slip & slide.


I remember loving our slip & slide when I was a wee child. The slide seemed to go on for days. And I'm pretty sure we lost count how many times we ripped the edges of our slide where it was pinned into the ground. It's plastic; just make some new holes and we'll keep sliding!

So when the boys received a slip & slide for their birthday from their Aunt Jenny, we couldn't wait to get them outside and sliding to their little hearts' desire. But, um, apparently running and sliding on your stomach isn't a natural thing. We figured Sawyer was too small to get it, but we thought for sure Cayden would dig it. I mean, the child loves running and falling to his knees to slide. Even after a demonstration from Jeremy, they couldn't quite grasp the whole run/slide/get sprayed with water fun. It ended up that Jeremy had to basically bowl them down the slide. And all of that was quite fun until someone got a face full of water. (::cough:: Cayden ::cough::)

So, while they aren't quite ready to slide down it themselves, they did enjoy walking all over it with the occasional for real slip (which tickled us to watch). We'll try it out again soon and maybe they'll figure out the whole run/slide/get sprayed with water thing. And they'll think it's just as cool as I did as a child.

(Also? Please to notice Sawyer drinking the water in that first photo. Perfection!)

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