July 23, 2013

lunch date with the nugget.


Not this past weekend, but the one before that, Jeremy and I each took a boy and had a lunch date. I got the nugget this time, and after asking him what he wanted to eat (corndog!), we ended up at Steak & Shake. Also, did you know that kids eat free on the weekends as long as the adult spends $8? Yeah, me either, so that was a fun surprise!

So Sawyer had his mini corndogs and oranges, I had a delicious burger and fries (most of which went to Sawyer) and then we split a mint cookies and cream milkshake. But that wasn't even the best part! Getting to spend that one-on-one time with Sawyer was brilliant. I'm not exactly sure why Jeremy and I haven't done this before, but after meeting back up that afternoon, we both were so excited about the time we spent with the boys. Regular lunch dates with the boys on their own will now be in rotation!

And true, the conversation one can have with a two year old isn't all that stimulating, but Sawyer knew he had my undivided attention and that I would laugh or comment at everything he did or said. It was really great to connect with our littlest one without any other distractions around. Now? I can't wait to get Cayden alone to do the same thing!

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