July 3, 2013

cayden's convos


While Jeremy was in mid-prayer one night right before bed.
Cayden: Pee-you!!!
Jeremy: Yeah, I know, my breath stinks.
Cayden: Daddy, I gotta get away from your breath.


Randomly in the car one day.
Us: Um, what?
Cayden: I'm funny.


After the boys were in bed, Cayden called out, so I went in their room.
Cayden: Is daddy in time out?
Me: Yep, he sure is.
Cayden: Is he wearing clothes?
Me: O_o


After asking me to help him put on his Spiderman costume, he disappeared to our room.
Me: Cayden, I need you to get out of mommy & daddy's room.
Cayden: Ok, but I was just looking in the mirror. I'll go to Sawyer's room instead.

After checking out his reflection, he comes bounding back in the family room.
Cayden: Mommy?
Me: Yeah, bud?
Cayden: I look awesome.

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