June 14, 2013

vacation bible school 2013.

Cayden was finally old enough to attend our Vacation Bible School, so we sent him on his merry way this week. He's been having a blast: coming home every day with some new craft, kind of telling us about what he was learning and playing on the playground! Last night they had a little program for the kiddos to show off the new songs they've learned. At first? Cayden wasn't having it. He thought jumping from the steps was more exciting, so he finally decided to join in. And it just makes me smile! We're finally THOSE parents that wave to their child while the child smiles silly and gets bashful. Y'all, I could not have wiped that smile off my face last night... not even if someone had offered me a million bucks. It was just one of those moments, you know?

This is just a little snippet of the fun that was had last night. It starts and stops abruptly, but you'll get the idea. Enjoy!

(Our kiddo is fourth from the right on the second step. Black flops, green shorts. Believe me, you'll see the shorts when he starts jumping. And doesn't stop. And also? I think we need to work on his spirit fingers. Ha!)

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