June 21, 2013

summer light.


Sometimes I forget just how delightful a warm summer evening can be. Especially when it's right around 7 p.m. and the sun is starting to set behind the trees across the street from our house. And the boys are digging in the dirt (all of my boys, mind you). And there's basically no humidity in the air and the wind is lightly blowing. There are squeals of delight from the littles as they pick up sheets of hard dirt and chunk them away.

And then there are other moments where we shine as parents. Like telling your oldest to keep an eye on the hose to make sure the water doesn't come out. And daddy doesn't realize how close Cayden's holding it to his face, or realize how fast the water's about to shoot out. And mean mama sits there with the camera on Cayden and captures the moment. And doesn't even have the decency to NOT laugh. Oh you guys, I cry-laugh when I watch this every. single. time. Cayden started crying immediately after; I pretty much dropped the phone to get to him. He was fine, just a little startled. After we showed him the video, he laughed right along with us and asked to see it again and again. And again. Oh, and again.

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