June 19, 2013

a little bubble mower action.


It's been raining here a lot, so when the sun broke free last night, we urged the boys to get out and play. Cayden wanted to sit inside and play on the iPad (it's his reward for having a good day/no potty accidents/listening semi-well). Since they hadn't been outside all day, we told him he could have iPad time AFTER some outside time. It took a little convincing, but once he saw Sawyer outside playing with his bubble mower, he was all over it.

We don't normally have two toys of this size that are identical. But we picked up Cayden's bubble mower a couple of years ago at a yard sale. And Sawyer received his as a birthday gift from his Granna. Seeing them both sprinting around with their mowers was pretty cute. They'd get in the grass on either side of the driveway and then yell at each other. "Bruver! Here!" "No, Sawyer, you come here!" And back and forth they would go.

Sweet little moments. And then we went inside and had quiet time/iPad time before bed. The end.

(Side note: Wednesday mornings are trash/recycle days. I promise those huge cans aren't normal everyday fixtures in our driveway. Usually.)

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