May 9, 2013

superheroes in the house


Last year for Cayden's birthday party, I made capes and masks for all his friends. He has played with his so many times that I've lost count. I think my favorite memory is still the day of his party and he wanted to wear it into Target. Part of me wondered if a three year old wearing a mask into a retail store was a good idea, and then the other part reminded myself that I'm ridiculous. He had so much fun running around Target that day as a superhero. And Jeremy and I had fun watching him.

As Sawyer has gotten older, I kept telling him that I would make him a cape just like his brother's. And I kept forgetting. When I was in our closet last night, I found an extra cape and mask. I tried and tried to put it on him this morning so that he could "fly" around. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with the cape or the mask... until he saw Cayden put his on. Oh, the brother love is strong in this house. Sawyer still wasn't sure about the mask. And really? I'm ok with that. The mask pushed up on his little forehead is just about as adorable as older brother wearing his.

They flew off to their nana's house today wearing their superhero gear. I'm sure they're helping save her from the all the bad things today. And looking uber-cute while doing so.

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Tracy Wood Franklin said...

so sweet.. baker loves her and still gets it out to wear often!

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