May 17, 2013


The other evening at dinner, Sawyer impressed me by being able to force himself to burp. Which made me also realize that this MUST be something that is just ingrained in boys. I mean, he's not quite two and has already figured out how to burp on command. Boys...

But anyway, he was so absolutely adorable doing this the other evening. He'd take a drink of milk, force himself to burp, give this coy look and then say, "Hiccups?" Of course, when I grabbed my camera he decided to change the game, but you still get one cute, "Hiccups" and an even cuter, "Smuse me."

And no worries. No one ate Cayden's bacon. Except for Cayden himself. We're serious about bacon around here. Mmmm... bacon.

(Oh, and the slicked back hair? We did before dinner baths. Which I maybe would not suggest before giving a toddler a biscuit with jelly on it. Live and learn, right?)

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