May 30, 2013

at-home vacations.

Memorial Day weekend at the pool

We try to take a vacation every year. And we usually always try to take the boys with us. It's important to us that they get to experience travelling (even if it is just to Florida for the most part). I do imagine there will come a day when we will take a vacation by ourselves (10 year anniversary, what?), but for now, we want our littles right there with us.

This year we decided to use our usual vacation money to pay off some other things. By paying some of those things off, it opened up a small amount in our monthly budget to finally join our local YMCA. Jeremy and I have enjoyed dropping the boys off at their Nana's in the morning and then hitting up the gym for about an hour before we go to work. I've even been doing weights and machines along with cardio. It's most definitely helped to have Jeremy by my side as I'm literally clueless when it comes to those things. Also? Bench pressing. I can just press the bar, but I figure that's better than nothing, right?

But one of the biggest factors in joining? Having access to their pool all summer! We went for the first time this past weekend and it was lovely. We live in a smaller area, but with it being the long holiday weekend, I thought for sure the pool would be packed. Um, it wasn't. It was great. Cayden loved the pool. Sawyer? Well, he was a little less pleased with the whole water part of it. But we had a good time. Definitely looking forward to spending many more days out there and adding some more freckles to my pasty-white legs.

(Also, can I just point out that Sawyer is still wearing his 12 month swim shorts. He's two in a month. Nugget for sure.)

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