April 22, 2013

playground of their dreams


Sometimes it's fun to surprise the boys (ok, fine, it's fun all the time!). When they awoke from their nap on Saturday, we were excited to take them on a little walk. While Jeremy was out riding his bike earlier in the day, he'd found this awesome playground within walking distance of our house. There's an elementary school at the front of our neighborhood, and on the far side of the building – that you can't see from the street – this gem of a playground hides. Oh, if you could have heard Cayden's exclamation when we rounded the corner and he saw the playground. I think Jeremy and I instantly had smiles plastered on our faces.

The boys played and played. They fell, got up, brushed themselves off and kept going. Don't tell anyone, but Cayden also had his first experience of peeing in the trees. I think he (and Jeremy!) were really proud of that moment.

Cayden tested out each of the eight (8!) slides on the playground. And on his last slide of the day, he tested out the last slide. Little did we know, there was a puddle at the end of the slide waiting for him. To say that I saw a wave of water splash over the sides would not be an overstatement. Jeremy and I laughed and laughed while Cayden semi-freaked out. Because we had walked over in the stroller, we were able to strip him down and let him ride back home with a jacket covering his lap and all was good.

It was an awesome discovery that I'm pretty sure we'll be frequenting all the time once summer rolls around. So thankful to have found this hidden little secret and that our boys have something like this so close to home.

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