March 1, 2013

dr. seuss


this week at school has been all about dr. seuss. the doctor happens to have a great birthday, too. i mean, not that i'm biased or anything. but i completely am, seeing as how we share the same birthday. but anyway, we have a love for dr. seuss at our house. i'm not really sure how many books we even have. and not until yesterday did cayden realize that some of his favorite books were dr. seuss. it was neat to see him put all that together.

earlier in the week, the kiddos were supposed to dress like Thing 1 or Thing 2. we totally slacked. we dug out his alabama football jersey that had a number 1 on it. it was also red. done. (and here's probably where i shouldn't mention that the jersey is about two sizes too small.) creative, right? except no. with that in the back of my head, i couldn't let cayden go to school on "dress like the cat in the hat" day without something creative going on. 

red bow tie. the cat in the hat always wears a red bow tie. i can make that, right? and i did. and instead of making a neck loop, i just attached it to his tshirt. he wasn't real sure of what to make of it this morning at first. once i slipped it over his head, he got this big smile on his face and seemed proud to be dressed like the cat in the hat. and me? i was proud that i dug out some materials and had a short date with my sewing machine. perhaps i'll just start making some more things now. and that feels good.


Brittany said...

Cutest Cat in the Hat hat EVER!

Jess said...

That is the coolest Dr. Seuss outfit ever!!! And happy belated birthday!

Rachel said...

Oh goodness - he is so cute! Love that you pulled that together for him - and he looks delighted! Happy birthday to you too!

Beth Keller said...

OMG!!! He is adorable. We are having Dr. Seuss week next week. Hope he had a great time. Happy Birthday to the great Dr. and to a WONDERFUL Mom and Friend.

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