March 11, 2013

cayden: 3 years, 9 months and 17 days old


it's not often that we get one on one time with the boys. perhaps that's something we should try to change, but for now, when we get to sneak in that time, it's pretty special. on saturday, the boys took simultaneous naps, but cayden woke earlier than sawyer. after peeking in at sawyer still completely passed out in the same position he was put in the bed, we knew it would be a little bit before he would make an appearance.

the weather was beautiful this weekend, so jeremy and i encouraged cayden to put on his shoes so we could go outside to play. his "playground" had been severely neglected through the winter. he ran out to it, started climbing the ladder and then promptly climbed back down because there was a bug on it. you would think an almost four year old boy would be okay with bugs being on his swingset, but he's a little finicky in that sense.

change of plans. grab his dump truck and let him play in the dirt/mud in the empty lot next to us. win! he loved rolling his truck through the dirt and picking up sticks and whatnot. he quickly lost interest though because of the black gnats that were swarming around our heads.

second change of plans. skateboard! we have got to get this child some knee and elbow pads sometime soon so that he can really try it out. for the moment, he's happy letting jeremy hold his hand while he tries to gain his balance and footing. this mama gets a little nervous, but love seeing the little boy emerge.

we wrapped up our playtime and went back inside. we were greeted by a 20 month old with a screwdriver in each hand and a smile on his face...


oh, and someone else got a new toy this weekend. the big boy of the family likes his toys too...

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