March 26, 2013

and then, there was that one time...

driving to mobile / yay rain / multiple failed attempts to facetime with our littles
fresh seafood eating / tons of atmosphere / it's getting real
walking to the start line / mobile behind us / done

... that we drove to Mobile to run in a 5k. yep, true story. a couple of months back, i was bragging on myself on facebook for running twice in one day – once before work and once during lunch. (although, looking back, i'm sure it was more of a walk than run, but that's neither here nor there at this point.) anyway, my friend hollie called me out on it and said that jeremy and i should drive down to Mobile to do a race with her.

and we agreed.

um, what? really, who are we with this running stuff? and i'm sort of afraid to admit it, but all the runners are right; running is addictive. i kind of love it. so last weekend we drove down to Mobile in the rain. with the possibility of rain the next morning for the race. i think enough people must've prayed for the rain to hold off, because it totally did. what didn't hold off? omg, the humidity. geez louise, guys. jeremy and i were completely mentally prepared for this race. we were not prepared for the gulf/bay air.

we knew we weren't quite ready to run the whole race. our goal was to finish in 40-45 minutes. not a bad goal for our first 5k, right? we typically walk 0.2 miles and then run the next 0.8 to complete a full mile. the first run was difficult... but the second run was where it got me. i told jeremy i had to walk. concerned, he asked what hurt. my response? "um, nothing really. i just can't breathe."

but we pushed through. we did walk a little more than we thought we would need to. but we finished strong. and when we were coming down the last little bit of road, i could see the finish line and the timer. and it said that i better pick up my pace if we wanted to complete the race in our goal time. i'm proud to say that jeremy and i came in at 44:09 and 44:10, respectively. not too shabby!

we have another 5k coming up on april 27. it's a local race (so local friends, you should sign up!). it's also benefitting some of our dear friends' new foundation, so even more incentive to come join us. and i promise, you can walk too. just sign up. now. (hollie, this means you. ha!)

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