February 11, 2013

these two


our boys... y'all our boys are awesome. as awful as a three year old asking the same things over and over can be, at the end of the day, we're blessed with one incredible three year old. & as temperamental as our nineteen month old can be, he's blowing our minds with how smart he is these days. while the moment to moment can be so overwhelming with all the questions and emotions, at the end of the day, those moments seem trivial. i think these quick snapshots of these two fit them to a tee. sawyer is always moving, going, yelling, laughing, crying. & cayden has sweet little quiet moments (give him a book or a puzzle, and he'll be quiet for hours), but given the chance to be silly, he'll perform just like his brother. these two... i think we have our hands full with them. but our hearts? oh my goodness, they're so full too.

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