February 17, 2013

some spring shopping


we took the boys shopping at old navy yesterday. their Kids & Baby Sale is going on right now and there are some really awesome deals going on. we were able to get six shirts, two pairs of shorts and a pair of pants for well under a hundred bucks. cayden's easter outfit might even be in the mix. (hint: it is. and it's freakin' adorable.)

cayden's enamored with his blue pants. they're bright, bright blue and he refers to them as his spiderman pants. (have i ever mentioned his obsession with spiderman? cause, wow.) i love them because they're bright and fun and unlike anything else in his closet. and for $10? we might have to go back to Old Navy's Kids & Baby Sale and get another pair.

while the nugget doesn't really need any new clothes (he has all of cayden's old ones), it's still fun for him to have something new. we got him a couple of shirts – in a size 2T! where has my baby gone?

anyway, we had a good time shopping. the boys were (mostly) well behaved and loved helping us look through clothes. cayden's getting to the age where he has an opinion on what he wears, so it was a new experience having him tell us what he did and didn't like. the store was organized really well and we were able to find things easily. i think this mama needs to take herself back to Old Navy and spend a little money sometime soon!

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