February 7, 2013


• we have a contest going on at work called Fitness February. for every pound lost during this month, you earn $10. we have been eating healthier and exercising like woah for us. jeremy's down 3.0 pounds. me? i'm down 0.2 – um, what? boys have it so easy when it comes to losing weight. #notfair

• with the above being said, we went to dunkin donuts this morning. the number on the scale this morning was disappointing (to say the least) and a donut and cup of coffee just sounded too good to pass up. healthy eating starts over with lunch.

• also with the above being said, we've been walking/running every day this week. we're averaging almost 2 miles every morning and hoping to up that over the next week. it was raining this morning and i was actually a little disappointed that we weren't going out for a run. who am i?

• also with the exercise? jillian michaels 30 day shred is back in rotation. sheesh, lady. you're still tough. but the fun thing? the boys have started "exercising" with us. it involved getting hit in the head with a weight while doing crunches last night. but seeing Cayden and Sawyer try to do jumping jacks is totally worth it. & Sawyer will stand on his head while we're doing the video. i think he's rubbing in the fact that he can still touch the floor without bending his knees. #showoff

• i've been unmotivated to get in front of my sewing machine. like, completely unmotivated. which has seriously made the shop look a little wimpy and quite empty. i keep thinking the motivation is going to show up again... but i'm not going to force it, you know?

• our house is in dire need of a deep clean. i mean, scrub baseboards and floors and shampoo ALL the carpets type of clean. after Cayden got the flu, i got a serious sinus infection that lasted two weeks. two weeks of not feeling like a human is really quite awful. and i still have a lingering cough. but i'll take this cough over feeling like crap ANY. TIME. so the house really feels like it needs a scrub-down from top to bottom.

• jeremy and i have been getting more involved with our church. & it feels really good. really, really good. we're planning on helping out with a big weekend for our youth the first weekend of march. it's my birthday weekend, but the thought of being a part of Discovery sounds too good to pass up. also? if you're looking for a church, we'd love for you to come sit next to us one sunday.

• oh, back to the first bullet... eating healthier. we've joined The Fresh 20. and i'd like to tell you all about it, but i think a separate post is a must on that one.

• and i promise more photo posts coming soon. see bullet #6 as to why no photos (therefore no blog posts with photos) have been taken.

• p.s. this coffee from dunkin? i swear they put extra caffeine in it. it always makes me hyper-ish. which doesn't bode well for sitting at a desk all day. #yay

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