February 14, 2013

happy heart day


we got a couple of things for the boys. kept it simple this year - which is totally going to be our motto for gift-giving from here on out. this was so much easier, and the boys loved what they got, so win-win, right? and also? i'm really looking forward to watching Peter Pan. i could not even begin to tell you the last time i've seen it. movie and pizza night at our house tomorrow night - who's in?

watching sawyer try to open his own envelope was both hilarious and so sad at the same time. he DID eventually get it open, but not without a little fit thrown in there for good measure. cayden's spiderman heart had gummies in it and he asked if he could take it to school, "cause all of my friends like spiderman, too." it was a very sweet moment, but i think he would have been sad if he came home and all his "valens" candy was gone.

this was the first year that jeremy and i exchanged gifts for valentine's in quite some time. we've always gotten each other a card, but i was really feeling the tug to get him something, so i did. i got him some of his favorite chocolate, some underwear, a starbucks gift card and this himalayan pink salt that he's been wanting FOREVER. it was pink, so it seemed valentine appropriate to me. jeremy surprised me with my favorite perfume that i've been out of for about six months (hence dumb/surprised face above). the perfume also came with a candle and lotion. jeremy might regret this gift as our house might soon smell all girl. but hey, i live with three boys, i can at least have a house that smells pretty, right?

happy valentine's day!


Becca said...

Love the books! And your face is priceless, plus it isn't really fair that anyone can look that cute in comfy clothes! ;)

becca @ sewLOVED said...

aw, you're being sweet, but thank you! i was truly surprised. & target had the dr seuss books on sale when i walked by; had to pick up a couple of the mini ones to add to our collection =)

Tracy Franklin said...

Love the look on his face when Saywer is opening his card! Cant wait to see y'all.

becca @ sewLOVED said...

i couldn't help but laugh while he fought with that envelope!

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