January 17, 2013

the flu.


oh, sweet cayden. mama and daddy are so sorry you're sick. we did everything we could have to prevent this from happening. well, anything short of keeping you in a bubble. flu mist? you had it. and what else could we really do to prevent you from getting sick? you'd had a stuffy head for a few days, but when you woke with a fever yesterday morning, we were too afraid to risk you NOT going to the doctor. several of your classmates at school have had the flu and we just wanted to make sure that you were all good.

off to the doctor we went. you had a throat and nasal swab done. & i'm so sorry. they must have been terrible as you screamed like i've never heard you scream. mama's so sorry that she had to hold you so that your nurse could get her job done. but it's a good thing we had them done. strep? negative. flu? positive.


we had a couple of prescriptions filled for you. i know you don't like taking them, but we're so grateful that you're being a big boy and taking them anyway. they must be helping, because although you still had a fever this morning, you seemed to feel much, much better. and for that? we're thankful. you were psyched that you were getting to stay with nana all day. so much so that you pretty much hurried me out of her house this morning with a, "bye, mommy. BYE!"

we're glad you're feeling better. & i promise that daddy will stop treating you like you have the plague soon. hopefully.

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Jess said...

That picture is so sad :( Poor baby.

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