January 3, 2013

our Christmas morning


we wondered how discovering Santa would go this year. Cayden's up at the crack of dawn. he usually runs into our room, announces that he needs to go potty, goes to the potty and then runs back to his room. Santa left the tree lights on so all the gifts could be seen and we thought that Cayden would for sure get distracted by the tree and gifts either on his way to our room, or on his way back to his. little man is a creature of habit though; not one glance at the tree either way. Jeremy and i kind of shrugged it off and went back to sleep for a little bit longer.


Cayden did eventually wake up and run out to the tree. he seemed a little cautious of what was going on. he was thrilled that Santa had eaten his cookies and drank some milk. Santa didn't eat all of his cookies though and that bothered Cayden just a bit. after a quick reassurance that Santa has a lot of cookies to eat in one night, Cayden seemed all good with it.


the boys got mostly everything that they had asked for. well, Sawyer didn't actually ask for anything, so Santa guessed what he needed most. From Santa, Cayden received a bicycle (that he's currently afraid of), a skateboard (which i'm currently afraid of) and helmet. From mama & daddy he got a shirt, slippers, another dinosaur train track and Madagascar 3. From Sawyer, he got some Avengers characters to play with.


Sawyer got a beanbag (he can finally quit stealing big brothers!), a guitar and a tricycle (it might be big brother's old one that got a new paint job) from Santa. From mama & daddy, he got a shirt, slippers, a Buzz Lightyear toy and How To Train A Dragon. Big brother gave him a fun alligator pull toy that everyone loves playing with.

both boys were spoiled with lots of fun goodies in their stockings. little flashlights and toys for the bath seemed to be the big hit. Madagascar 3 was put on while i cooked french toast and bacon for our boys. and for a new tradition to us, we headed to a local chinese restaurant and chowed down on some really good food for lunch. we rounded out the day at my parents house for a feast of breakfast for dinner. (and of course i have no photos of that fun. boo.)

how was your Christmas? any new traditions started?

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