January 30, 2013

january 8, 2013


yes, that was several weeks ago. but it's an important date in our family. it's the date that Gage David was born into this world. our newest nephew. he came early that morning with a scheduled c-section. we tried to get to the hospital in time, but it just wasn't in the cards for us. about ten minutes away from the hospital, we got the call that we'd all been waiting for. he was here! but because he was a c-section baby, he was having a few breathing problems and had to be taken to the NICU.

no worries. the NICU is awesome at the hospital where my sister was. he'd just be there for a couple of hours and then he'd back to rachel and justin and all would be well.

except that couple of hours turned into almost eleven days. when they got the phone call that gage was being full-on admitted to NICU, my stomach tied up in knots and i couldn't ease my mind. my mom and i were instantly sending texts for prayer. i don't know why i was so scared for them, but i was. terrified even. they had prayed and waited for this sweet baby for so long that not having him RIGHT THERE RIGHT NOW was difficult. and he's not even my baby... i can't imagine what rachel and justin were going through. they were troopers though. handled it all with such grace...

and then, on january 11, Gage was allowed to leave the hospital and come home to be with his family. and then Cayden got the flu. so we had to stay away. and then i got sick. and had to stay away. and then finally, this past weekend, i couldn't stand it any longer. i held that sweet baby boy. it may have been 3.5 weeks after he was born, but it was completely worth the wait. and then my heart melted in a million little pieces and i gave jeremy "the look" and now i want ALL THE BABIES again. but sweet Gage can be the baby for now. isn't he a cutie? (also? Sawyer is now the largest one and a half year old i've ever seen. even though he really is still a nugget.)


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