January 27, 2013

a trip to the zood


and no, that's not a typo. well, i mean, technically it's a typo, but when that's what Cayden calls the zoo, i have to let it slide. because it's too cute to type correctly. so, the zood. we went there yesterday. first trip of the new year and we went with our little friends from church and school. even though the day was pretty cold to start out, we had an excellent time. lots of itty bitties running around and getting out and seeing ALL THE ANIMALS. (always "more animals!") i'm so thankful to have friendships with these families and look forward to spending more days letting our kiddos run wild and, in return, having them build lasting friendships themselves.

1 comment:

Rachel Grayless said...

Love the zood! Those pictures - such a happy day! Love them and so glad you had a good time!

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