May 21, 2012

"i gonna be fwee"


no, that's not a typo. that's what our now three year old says when you ask him how old he is. not "i am," or anything, but "i gonna be..." we keep correcting and telling him that he's already three, but honestly? it's so cute that i don't mind him going on like that!


we had his birthday party on saturday. lots of little superheros came to help celebrate. capes and masks were loved by all. and while they were a task to get it all done in less than a week, it was totally and completely worth it!


we kept the party pretty simple. had it a park nearby this year. playground = automatic entertainment. add pizza, cupcakes and candy? and we were good to go. the kids had a tough time wanting to leave the playground. i'm not sure about everyone else's kiddos, but ours crashed about five minutes into the drive home.


cayden got so many great toys. (we'll not discuss the fact that sawyer wants to play with all of them too. big brother is NOT down with that. yet.) sometimes photos tell the story better, so i'll leave you with those. and, even though i mentioned needing to get a family photo before we left the house, do you think we ended up with one? yeah. none. i don't even think jeremy or i ended up in any of the photos. birthday parties are crazy y'all.


sunday was cayden's actual birthday. we saved our present (dinosaur train!) for him to open. he loved them so much that we went to target after lunch and tried to find him more pieces. if anyone comes across the engine part in their neighborhood target, pick it up for us and we'll pay you back? (or, i'll try to find it online. whatevs.)


oh cayden, three years. they've flown. you've grown. you're an amazing little guy. you're pretty hilarious even though you don't realize it. you've taken becoming a big brother in stride and love your little brother (even if you don't want him playing with your new toys). i look at your pictures from last year's party and you've definitely gone from toddler to little boy this year. i thank you for blessing our family and for making me and your daddy parents. we couldn't have asked for a better kiddo. and while i hear that three can be a trying age, we still look forward to all the new experiences we'll get to share with you this next year. we love you sweet boy. to the moon and back.

May 14, 2012

waving bye

someone learned a new trick while we were on vacation! sawyer was trying to wave bye before we left, but at some point over the week, he really got it. if you'll tell him, "bye, bye," he'll wave to you. if you're getting on to him and tell him, "no no," he'll turn around, smile coyly and wave at you. and then he'll clap and laugh at himself. it's adorable. this is the first video we got of him doing it. tell me it's not cute. dare ya.

May 9, 2012

ten months old


so i got behind on the monthly updates and can't seem to catch up! and then i get all confused about what actually happened in your technical month so i have to go back and read your last one to make sure that i didn't already write about it. i'm just awesome like that. ha.

on the first day of your tenth month, you decided that crawling was a go! and haven't stopped since. you love going to all the different rooms of the house and like little exploring parties. so far, your favorites are following around your brother and crawling to mama and daddy's bathroom and pulling up on the bathtub. you went from not being mobile to being mobile with a vengeance! pulling up on everything. cruising around. no walking yet, but that's definitely ok!


you now have six teeth! on the first day of your tenth month, you also decided that eating real food was finally ok. this mama and daddy couldn't have been happier! the puree stage is definitely not my favorite. and while feeding yourself is usually always messy, i still love the independence you must feel while shoveling food in your face. and boy do you shovel that food in. we joke that as long as there is food in front of you, you'll keep eating. we're trying to work on sippy cups. you're slowly understanding how they work, but we're still not quite there yet. you also still nurse morning and night, and have three bottles throughout the day. i'm guessing we're quickly coming to the point where we need to drop some of those feedings... but i honestly can't remember when that should happen.

you're an awesome little kiddo. it continually amazes us how different and how alike you and your brother are... it also amazes us how differently we can love you and your brother. also amazing? the relationship you and your brother are forming. it's so, so beautiful and we can't wait to see how it grows.

May 3, 2012

out with the old...


a couple of months ago i decided that i was ready to upgrade my sewing machine. there was nothing wrong with the one i had... but i knew there was a better machine out there for me. my singer was what i learned to sew on. it hammered out each stitch the way i needed it to. (and when i saw hammered, seriously. it hammered. it was loud.)


i saved up my shop monies and even requested cash for my birthday to save up for my new machine. problem was, i had no idea where to start on a new machine. there were tons of options to choose from. tons. some of which were very affordable, and some? most definitely not so affordable. i decided on a janome. a what? yes, a janome. they've been around for years and several people had told me that they loved theirs. i purchased it through amazon on monday morning. and last night when i got home? there was a package waiting for me!


i sadly packed away the singer (no worries, it's going to a fabulous new home to teach another new beginner!) and ripped into the janome box. it's pretty. like so pretty that i know my new sewing machine is a "she." she did look a little intimidating to me at first. she has lots of buttons to push and is electronic. and while i didn't have anything to sew last night, i still had to thread her and see what she could do on a scrap piece of fabric.


y'all? i'm in love. she's quiet. and her stitches stay consistent. and i just can't wait to dive in and make some new lovelies with her. maybe i should give her a name... any suggestions?
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