January 29, 2012

seven months old


oh, sawyer, not only did we celebrate a new month this time 'round, we also celebrated a new year! no worries though. you didn't really miss anything big. we were all asleep! but that's ok. beauty rest is important. for both you and daddy and i.

this month you decided that solids were good. you've continued to eat them like a champ and here's hoping that you have a little weight gain to show for it! you're also still nursing (five times a day on the weekends!); during the week, we've had to start supplementing with formula to keep up. we mix formula with breast milk and it doesn't seem like you even noticed a difference.

you still absolutely hate tummy time. i'm pretty sure you're quite alright with just sitting still for the time being. in fact, daddy and i have convinced ourselves that you're just not going to crawl. you show no interest in it at all. and that's fine. maybe you'll just skip on to walking. as a side note, daddy and i would be fine if you waited a while to do that, ok?


you are more and more aware of things going on around you. especially your brother. the two of you have played together quite a few times this month. and when cayden decides to be uber-hyper, you think it's pretty much the funniest thing ever.

and speaking of, we found your tickle spot this month. under your arms! you take after daddy in that respect. i'm ticklish pretty much anywhere... but your tickle spots are just like daddy's. your laugh is like none other. it's most definitely more of a chuckle. it brings big smiles to my face.

we continue to fall more in love with you with every passing day. you are our little nugget. we love you so.

January 26, 2012

a trip to the ENT

the morning started off early. the kiddo was up at 4:30. in the morning. jeremy put him back to bed while i contemplated going ahead and getting up for the day. and so i did. at 4:55. i did my best to make things seem normal, but on the inside, i had huge knots growing in my belly.


we left the house around 5:40, dropped sawyer off at school and realized that we'd be early to the doctor's office. since the sun wasn't even up yet, we drove past the doctors's office to the top of a hill and waited for the sun to rise. around 6:30, we made our way to our appointment.


the lobby was full of other kiddos having various surgeries done. thankfully there were two TVs to help keep the kiddos distracted. mickey mouse clubhouse? you bet. cayden was in TV heaven for sure. we heard our name called and walked back. then realized they'd called out hayden, not cayden. so back to the lobby we went.


they eventually did call our name and we went back to have cayden's vitals taken. they weigh the kiddos in kilograms there. he was approximately 11.9 kilos. weird. but all looked well so they took us back to cayden's recovery room.


they had toys EVERYWHERE. tons of cozy coupes and other ride-on-car type things. it really was great having all those distractions. they even had a "playroom" with movies showing. cayden picked a car and rode around for a while. then he found the movie room. and well, cayden loves the movies.

a nurse came back to get him and told us to follow her. so we did. then we got to the big, closed double-doors. she looked back at us, said, "this is as far as you're allowed to go," took cayden from jeremy and disappeared. i looked at jeremy and said, "i'm not alright." he looked at me, "that's ok."


we walked back to the recovery room to wait on our sweet boy. he was back before we really got a chance to miss him! maybe 10 minutes? poor thing. so, so groggy. but we were relieved that he wasn't crying. and actually never cried once. and the whines were most definitely kept to a minimum.


the nurse brought him a sprite. i bet it was the best thing he'd ever had. it was gone in a matter of minutes. we went over a few more pieces of paperwork and were told we could go. it wasn't even 9.


cayden took a monster nap – three hours! when he woke up, he was ready to conquer the world! while he was finishing some lunch, the refrigerator made a weird sound. cayden looked over at jeremy and said, "did you hear that?" jeremy and i just looked at each other. apparently it was a sound he'd never heard before. which can only mean that the tubes were already helping his hearing to recover!


before we left the doctor's office, they told us to keep him calm for the day. and we did. for a little while. after that monster nap and a very hearty lunch, little man was ready to go.


those are stickers all over his face. when you ask him where he wants a sticker, i'd say there's a 50/50 chance he's going to ask for it to be placed on his face. tell me that's normal? also, this dog goes with him pretty much everywhere. i'm not entirely sure when the attachment began, but it's entirely too cute.

January 24, 2012

drips of drool


jeremy snapped this shot of sawyer at school this morning. it literally takes my breath away. and it wouldn't be a photo of sawyer without the drip of drool on his chin. i double-checked last night and there doesn't seem to be any more teeth trying to cut through. he's just a drooler these days i suppose. oh, and if you look closely enough, you might see a sneak peek of a brand new bib design hopefully coming to the shop soon! (and i say hopefully because it's taken me forever to get things done lately. mama of two is a busy mama.)

and now that sawyer is totally hogging the blog this week, look for an update on cayden tomorrow. he has his tubes surgery tomorrow morning. we have to be at the doctor at 6:45. please keep us in your prayers tomorrow morning if you don't mind. pray that everything goes smoothly and that cayden has no anxiety tomorrow morning. also pray that this helps with his insistent ear infections and that it also helps his hearing recover. thank you so much!

January 23, 2012

sweet sawyer


i'm not even sure what i want to say here. it's just, i can't get over the adorableness (yes, that's a word!) that is sawyer at almost seven months old. the cheeks. the lashes. the insane amounts of drool. i love it all. and love every moment we get to spend together. these moments of him depending completely on us are fleeting at best so i'm trying to savor them as long as i can. stay our itty bitty for just a while longer, please?

January 19, 2012

playing together

yes, cayden got in his cube all by himself. yes, sawyer had help. (duh.)

yes, i have a slight obsession with the buffy series. no, i never did get season 7. it's still on my list.

yes, i have a few workout videos. and yes, some of them do get used. sometimes.

no, that's not me in the background. it's the boys' aunt "jimmy."
her actual name is jenny but cayden calls her "jimmy" and we all think it's adorable.

yes, that's snot running down both of the boys' faces. it's gross i know, but the point is the cuteness of playing together, right?

i know this is only one of many times that cayden and sawyer will play together... but this is the first time that they've actually really played/interacted together. it touches my heart in ways i didn't even know was possible. so i can only imagine how my heart will feel when they start rumbling and tumbling together. and i can't wait to see how their relationship develops over the next few years.


January 18, 2012

pieces of my heart


oh, my boys. there aren't many photos of me with both of them in it together. and when i see them, they make me stop. and gasp. i hold a piece of my heart in my arms. while another piece of my heart walks behind me. this photo was taken a week before christmas and i just discovered it last night. it might possibly be one of my all-time favorites.

(speaking of christmas photos... they got downloaded to the computer last night. i might possibly have the slowest christmas recap out there. but hey, it's fun to relive those moments, right?)

January 16, 2012

swag swap week!


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January 11, 2012

we likes the applesauce

we've had the hardest time convincing sawyer that eating food is cool and exciting. we've tried purees and little bitty chunks of banana. almost always they come back out with the thrusting of his tongue. until last night. little dude decided that applesauce was pretty much the best. thing. ever. here's hoping he continues to explore some new foods and enjoys them as much as he did the applesauce!

p.s. yes, that's a bib with cayden's name on it. what? you'd reuse it too!

better late than never....Top Songs of 2011

2011 was a wild ride of a year. Started the year off with the passing of my Dad (still tough to swallow sometimes) on the 23rd of January. I was blessed with the chance to go to Cali for his memorial service and see friends and family that I haven't seen in a while. (Isaiah 40:28-31).

Cayden turned two in May and well....our second son Sawyer was born in June. Both have been a joy and absolute blessing. Cayden, you are our little man! You are brave and smart and amaze mommy and I every day! Sawyer...slow down and stop blasting through life so quick..geez. You are precious in so many ways and have a wonderful personality! And Rebecca, oh my sweet wife. Thank you....thank you, thank you...I love you so much. You make heart burst with joy when I see you. You are a great mother and balance me in ways I never knew I needed. I know my mom prayed for you when I was just a young boy to come into my life and I thank God everyday that he picked you.

OK...enough with the crying....Music, music. I could listen all day to music, (I pretty much did when I was a kid, thanks mom!) but then I might look like one of those kids with headphones on that's trying to shut out the world around them when music should enhance the world around us. (Psalms 98:4) This list is what I found myself coming back to and listening to over and over again the past year. Both the boys love good music and Cayden helped me pick some of the songs for this list. Please enjoy my favs of 2011 and I look forward to all the wonderful new music and new bands that 2012 holds. Enjoy and God bless!


Circuital | My Morning Jacket | www.mymorningjacket.com

Somebody that I Used to Know | Gotye | www.gotye.com

Never Tear Us Apart | The Great Book of John | www.thegreatbookofjohn.com
(Representing Alabama)

King of Diamonds | Motopony | www.motoponymusic.com

Second Chance | Peter, Bjorn & John | www.peterbjornandjohn.com

Burn It Down | Sims | www.doomtree.net/sims

Ethiopia | Red Hot Chili Peppers | www.redhotchilipeppers.com

Civilian | Wye Oak | www.wyeoakmusic.com

Barton Hollow | The Civil Wars | www.thecivilwars.com

Lost in My Mind | The Head And The Heart | www.theheadandtheheart.com

Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor | Mason Jennings | www.masonjennings.com

Make Some Noise | Beastie Boys | www.beastieboys.com

Helena Beat | Foster the People | www.fosterthepeople.com

Lament | Mount Moriah | www.mountmoriahband.com

Baby Missiles | The War on Drugs | www.thewarondrugs.net

Warm Shadow | Fink | www.finkworld.co.uk

Settling It Off | Peter Wolf Crier | www.peterwolfcrier.com

Will Do | TV on the Radio | www.tvontheradio.com

Up Up Up | GIVERS | www.giversband.com

Wandering Star | POLIÇA | www.thisispolica.com

Hold On | Alabama Shakes | alabamashakes.bandcamp.com
(Representing Alabama)

The Grand Experiment | Doomtree | www.doomtree.net

Horses | Night Moves | www.nightmovesband.com

Listen Through Me | Thrice | www.thrice.net

Cowboy | Zun Zun Egui | www.zunzunegui.org

January 5, 2012



we had our first meeting with the ENT doctor yesterday. to say that i was a bit anxious about the appointment would most definitely be an understatement. but it went well. the outcome of the appointment was pretty much what we expected. tubes will be put in his ears on january 25.

what we weren't expecting was to hear that our little boy has some hearing loss. poor thing! one ear was worse than the other, but of course i can't remember which was which any more. he constantly has fluid on his ears which is what is causing the hearing loss. the hearing-tester-lady (technical term, promise!) that worked with us seemed pretty confident that what loss he does have should come back, but she also wouldn't guarantee that it wasn't permanent. so we'll see about it all once his tubes are in. i guess all the "huh's?" we've been getting seem a little more warranted now. we're still working on a nicer response than "huh?" though. that? doesn't seem to be going so well. ha.
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