December 10, 2012

ice skating!


jeremy is a small group leader for our church's middle school youth group. (wow, that was a lot of words.) anyway, our youth are a pretty cool group of kids and the youth ministers at our church couldn't possibly be any cooler either. and i'm not just saying that because we're friends with them. i can only hope that by the time cayden and sawyer (and any other children that might come our way) will have people they can look up to like our current youth leaders.

but i digress. it was a big weekend for the 6th-8th graders this weekend. friday night they had a lock-in. and it's honestly the coolest lock-in i've ever heard of. (there was lazer tag, scavenger hunts, some sort of zombie tag game, etc.) jeremy participated. stayed up all night with those kids. apparently there were close to 100 kids there — amazing, right? anyway, jeremy could have been cast in the walking dead on saturday (minus all of the creepy make-up). but he was so excited about how the night had gone and i got excited hearing him talk about it....

and last night, they had their christmas party at the local ice skating rink. usually when there are outings like that, we take both of the boys. (last time it was a back to school party at the bounce house. i mean, that's a win-win for everyone.) ice skates on the littlest allen boy just wasn't going to happen (andplusalso? he was feeling kind of puny), so i stayed home with sawyer while cayden got to go with jeremy. and oh, the cuteness that is a three year old with ice skates on. i love seeing all these new things that the boys get to do. it's just so awesome to experience it all through their eyes!

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