December 19, 2012



these little people that we've been blessed with sometimes steal our breath away in the sweet little everyday things they do.

monday, on the way to school, cayden said, "mommy... i'm big now." jeremy and i tried and tried to convince him that he was still small, but it didn't work. he was adamant about being a big. of course, we used it to our advantage by asking if big boys wet their underwear, or bite or don't listen to their teachers... cayden agreed that big boys do in fact NOT do any of those things. and so far? so good!

monday night when we were watching some of our friends' boys, sawyer fell in love with balin's beanbag. he just kept falling back into it and squealing with joy. i decided to grab my phone and try to get a shot of his happiness. and what i captured? pure joy. (as a side note, jeremy and i are VERY glad that santa decided to bring a beanbag to sawyer this year. it should go over well!)

we thank God every day for these sweet little boys. so glad that we can be blessed with the small and big joys they bring to our lives.

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