November 21, 2012

StitchFix #2


monday? monday was a fabulous mail day for me. i had been expecting my next stitchfix in the mail on friday and was uber-sad when it didn't show up friday. or saturday. but hey, it showed up monday along with my birchbox, so all around, a good mail day for me!

this time around i'd requested to have some things sent that were a little dressier that i could use for all the holiday fun coming up. i had jeremy help me snap some quick photos this morning of the three things that were in the running to be kept. and sadly, we'd left our camera at the office, so phone pics will have to do.

i loved that navy dress. loved it. but then i started thinking about a navy dress i bought last year (admittedly, not nearly as cute as this one) and realized i never wore it. navy's a hard color for me. i don't know what kind of tight or boot to wear. and while it seemed perfect for church, it was a little too fancy for an every day type of thing after the holidays. it came with a matching belt, but i thought this belt looked really good with it too (cool story? it was jeremy's pawpaw's belt!). and the black tunic? i thought i was going to love it. but it was pretty boxy and quite possibly a size too big.


oh, this lace top though! so pretty and feminine and definitely able to dress up or down. and i'm pretty sure i can wear this year round (right fashionistas?). i think i'll dress it up for turkey day tomorrow. and by dress it up, i most likely mean wear a pair of flats rather than toms. ugh, seriously, so challenged in the fashion department. it's almost hysterical. anyway, so black lace top is the keeper this round!

(and please to be disregarding the mess that is our bedroom behind me. we're filthy. ok, not really. but the mornings are a whirlwind and we leave that place a wreck most days.)


as a side note, if you're wondering what stitchfix is, it's this really cool company that will "style" you. you answer some questions honestly about your clothing preferences, size, etc. and a stylist will put you a box together. it's not a monthly things; it's a choose when you want it to come thing. if you're interested, sign up yourself! there might be a small wait list  but it's completely worth it to treat yourself to this every so often!

1 comment:

McKt said...

I love that lace top! I like that navy dress as well. I'm hoping to sign up next summer after I recover from the crazy baby changing body.:)

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